WordPress for Small Nonprofits

Get started with WordPress™ to create a web presence for your nonprofit to share information, collect donations and do the many other activities specific to your nonprofit.

The large national or international nonprofits can afford professional IT staff as employees or outsourced contractors. Instead small nonprofits must rely on volunteers or multitasking staff that aren’t IT professionals; this site is focused on helping these small nonprofits succeed. A companion website discusses the use of WordPress in a do-it-yourself manner; read this material first if you are unfamiliar with the details of using WordPress since we will focus just on the unique needs of small nonprofits here.


by showing everything needed to raise funds through direct donations, indirect means, or purchases of merchandise/tickets and to manage their donor relationship.


This site is all about cheap, cost-effective DIY ways to get started with WordPress knowing you will want to scale the money-makers (likely using professionals site designers/developers) and drop the losers.

Let’s get started!


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