We are staying at Hotel Ekazent Schönbrunn and the closest Metro stop is U4-Hietzing.

The Schoenbrunn Palace is only 10 min walk from hotel and, since we only have 1 full day of sightseeing in Vienna, that is my plan for Tuesday afternoon.

Transportation: Maps & Info

Hotel is on the U4 Metro line and the closest stop is Hietzing. 

  • Take the U4 towards Heiligenstadt to go downtown.
  • Take the U4 towards Hutteldorf to get back to the hotel.
  • The train car doors may not open automatically; push the button or lift the handle–just watch the locals if unsure.
  • Single ride price is e2 from ticket machines. Tickets are available for 24- (e6.70), 48- (e11.70) or 72- (e14.50) hour durations.

We won’t need public transportation on Friday but will need it for dinner on Thursday after bike tour. 

Ring-Tram – e9. Rick Steves recommends taking the normal trams with a transit pass, except the Ring-Tram includes audio commentary. Maybe this is a substitute for an on-off bus. 

– bike tour of vineyards