• Tues 9/24 – arrive at hotel before noon.
  • Wed 9/25 – 
  • Thurs 9/26 –
8:30pmMeet at Colosseum Box Office
9:10pmColosseum Night tour (1 hr); buy tickets at http://www.tickitaly.com/tours/colosseum-rome-night-tour.php
10:10pmback to hotel (subway B to subway A)
  • Fri 9/27 – 7:15am board bus to airport.  Arrive in Chicago at 1:40pm Friday.

We are staying at the City Guest House (Viale Opita Oppio 76) (TripAdvisor) located southeast of Rome in Tuscolana area.  Map. The hotel front-desk staff is reported to speak fluent English and has in-room WiFi.  The hotel has bikes if you want to go for a ride. Our Alitalia flight to Chicago was rescheduled for several hours later (they never notified us; I found out when trying to check-in) and the hotel was kind enough to let us stay into the afternoon as opposed to waiting at the airport.

Parco degli acquedotti – short walk (15-20 mins) south-east from hotel. From there, another 10 min walk to the best preserved section of the aqueducts.

The Metro A line is 3-4 blocks walk to the Numidio Quadrato stop. Once we get into the city, expect to also take buses.  Here is transportation information: rome-transportation-101.htmlTransportation Map

Roma Pass – €34.00 and good for 3 days: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday until midnight. Buy either at the Rome airport Tourist Information Point Terminal 3 Arrivals on Tuesday morning during our connection to Palermo, OR buy a 1-ride subway ticket into town (€1.50) and then buy the Roma Pass at the PIT at the train station or at a museum/site.

The Roma Pass card is a single card used for entrances to museums and on public transportation. The card works on RFID and should not be inserted and stamped. Simply touch your card on the yellow reader to get through buses and metro trains. A green light indicates that the card was read correctly.



The Colosseum underground and 3rd tier tours from this company were highly recommended on TripAdvisor: coop culture

Here is the info on underground tours: Colosseum_undergound_tour_FAQ

On 9/26 (Thursday), a night tour of the Colosseum is available Colosseum Night Opening

As I recall, it was easy buying tickets on the phone; just deal with the time zone difference. You get them via email.

I think the Metro runs until 11:30pm so we can check at the hotel front desk about whether walking back to the hotel at 11pm is advised.