• Tues 9/17 – land at 11:10 am and arrive at hotel by noon. Will probably crash early.
  • Wed 9/18 – walk around Palermo and visit Monreale?
  • Thurs 9/19 – Erice and winery tour
  • Fri 9/20 – Valley of Temples
  • Sat 9/21 – pack and fly to Naples

We are staying at Hotel Europa (Via Agrigento 3) in the “New City” area 7 blocks from Piazza Castelnuovo & Piazza Politeama. Map. Free in-room WiFi.

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Local Palermo and environs bus service by AMAT. While the hotel is a bit too far to walk to the main train station and inter-city bus depot (30-45 min walk), there are several local buses routes within a few blocks of the hotel. 

  • Lines 101, 102 and 107 go down Via Della Liberta (catch on side closest to hotel) to the main train and bus station.
  • Line 104 goes down Via Della Liberta to Piazza Indipendenza; change there to line 389 for Monreale (see below).
  • Line 118 does down Via Giacomo Cusmano to Piazza Indipendenze; change to 389 for Monreale (see below).
  • Line 806 goes up Via Della Liberta (catch across the street) to Mondello
  • Line 833 goes up Via Della Liberta (catch across the street) to Mondello along the coast.

Unlike other countries we visited, in Sicily the trains are often slower than taking a bus (buses are direct while trains generally follow the coastline) so trip plans are keyed to bus times unless a train offers timing advantages.

To get beyond Palermo, generally take the regional/inter-city buses interbus/segesta.  Segesta has a ticket office/stop at Politeama which is only 9 blocks from the hotel. From there you can catch the bus to Trapani.

trenitalia.com – train service from Palermo.  Many destinations require a train change.

cuffaro bus line – bus service from Palermo to Agrigento and some other places

SIAS – regional and national bus service from Palermo to Catania and Catania to Agrigento and back to Palermo?



Activities-Palermo (TripAdvisor)

Day_Trips_from_Palermo (TripAdvisor)

Cooking class in Palermo – http://www.winetourinsicily.com/one/cookingclass.htm or cookingwiththeduchess or feasting-with-leopards-an-unordinary-cooking-lesson is a 6-hr experience but costs ~$225.

Duomo di Monreale More info Either take a bus from Piazza Indipendenza or taxi for about €30 each way. Since the bus stop isn’t convenient to the hotel, I’m leaning towards just taking a taxi. That also avoid the pick-pockets that prey at the Piazza Indipendenza.  A shared taxi wouldn’t be too expensive. Of course, being a church, women should not enter with uncovered arms or wearing miniskirts or very short pants; men should not enter wearing short pants (remember Patty’s Vatican story).

Mondello beach resort, though not nicer than beaches on the Greece trip.  I may also decide to wait until Capri to do a beach visit.

To get to Fontana Pretoria from the hotel, walk a bit over a mile down Via Della Liberta to the Plaza on the left (or take a bus towards the train station)
Villa Romana del Casale (Review) about 2-1/4 hr trip from Palermo. 

Details on some sights on Sicily

Erice & Winery

Agrigento – Valley of the Temples

Mt. Etna