Hotel Söhnel – Hauptstraße 89, Aystetten

We are staying a ways outside of Munich in Aystetten. The closest big city is Augsburg which only rates as “…lacking must-see sights, but the old town is pleasant, especially the small streets below the main square, where streams diverted from the River Lech run alongside pedestrians.” But Augsburg is a stop on the major train line and we connect there for trains to München (Munich) or to Füssen. 

We arrive Friday afternoon. Sunday is the castles tour. Monday is Octoberfest tour. 

To get to Augsburg from the hotel, take a bus which stops (Aystetten – Ost) right outside the hotel. The hotel is in Zone 36 and central Augsburg and the Hbf is in Zone 10; so the tickets need to cover Zones 10, 20 and 36. Or on Saturday, take the #501 bus to Neusäß and transfer to the Regionalbahn R6 for Augsburg Hbf. A single trip costs  €3.60 and an all-day pass is  €10.80 per person. The Augsburg bus accepts the single-day Bayern-Ticket, but you can’t buy it on the bus. You can access a smart-phone version of the time-table here (using Google translate).

On Saturday, the schedule is:

  • 08:08am -> 08:33am: bus #501 -> R6
  • 08:08am -> 08:39am: bus #501
  • 09:08am -> 09:33am: bus #501 -> R6
  • 09:08am -> 09:39am: bus #501
  • 09:36am -> 10:08am: bus #500
  • 10:06am -> 10:33am: bus #501 -> R6
  • 10:06am -> 10:37am: bus #501

Generally return from Augsburg by either taking a #501 bus (towards Emersacker Ortsmitte or Welden Rathaus) from the Hbf or taking the R6 to Neusäß (towards Dinkelscherben Bf) and transferring to a #501 bus (towards Emersacker Ortsmitte or Welden Rathaus). Connections are often only 5-10 minutes so move quickly!

  • 5:21pm – #501 bus towards Welden Rathaus
  • 6:21pm – #501 bus
  • 6:25pm – R6 and #501 bus
  • 7:21pm – #501 bus
  • 7:25pm – R6 and #501 bus
  • 8:21pm – #501 bus
  • 8:25pm – R6 and #501 bus
  • 10:21pm – #501 bus towards Welden Rathaus
  • 11:09pm – #501 bus

Local Bus Info –

  • Train tickets: Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket – weekend 5 adults for EUR 28; 
  • Bayern-Ticket – Saturday – 5 adults for €22 plus €4 per extra persons up to 5 total


BMW-Welt & Factory – U-3 to Olympia-Zentrum. 9am-6pm. English tour at 2pm.

Oktoberfest info and more info and some useful info


Viator English guided tour leaving from Munich main train station @ 12:30pm

  • Take 9:08am or 10:06am bus #500 from hotel to Augsburg Hbf (see above for options for getting to Augsburg Hbf)
  • Take 10:06am train to Munich (RE 57019 Platform 7) that arrives at 10:47am or 11:06am train (RB 57021 Platform 8) that arrives at 11:52am


– private bus pickup from hotel (the advantage of being part of a large group)


Zugspitze (Wikipedia) for general information. zugspitze info