Erice & Winery

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Castle of Venus (Review) – entry €3. 10am-7pm

While you could do this independently (i.e., take train or bus to Trapani), we have a bus chartered for Thursday 9/19.

8:00bus arrives at hotel & starts loading
 8:15depart for Trapani (1 hr 20 min trip) (109 km)
 9:45arrive at Funivia Cableway terminal (8-person vehicles) (€9 RT); bus waits in parking lot (or drives us to top if windy–20 min trip via SP31)
 10:15arrive in Erice (11 min trip via cable car)
 spend about 3 hour 30 min wandering around Erice
 lunch on your own
 Massimo – Porta Trapani; Osteria di Venere – Via Roma 6; La Pentolaccia – Via Guarnotti 17; Cafe Maria – Via Vittorio Emanuele 4
 Monte San Giuliano – Viccolo San Rocco 7 (behind Corso Vittorio Emanuele); Grammatico Maria – Via Vittorio Emanuele 14
 13:45meet back at top of cableway in Erice; take cableway back down to bus in parking lot (or leave by bus directly to winery if cableway closed)
 14:15re-board bus / leave for Marsala (40 min trip) (33 km)
 15:00Donnafugata Winery (Review) visit and tasting 6 wines (90 min duration)
 16:30re-board bus for return
 16:45leave for hotel  (1 hr 26 min trip) (122 km)
 18:15arrive at hotel & unload

Florio winery
 and visit description (11am tour in English).  No reservation needed.

AST bus

Hotel – Via Agrigento 3, Palermo, Italy
Cableway terminus (Trapani) – SP31, Casa Santa, Italy   (corner of Via Capua)
Cableway terminus (Erice) – Piazza Uberto I, 3, Erice, Italy
Donnafugata Winery – Via Sebastiano Lipari 18,  Marsala Trapani, Italy
Cantine Florio – Via Vincenzo Florio, 1, Marsala (Trapani)  Tel : (+39) 0923 781 111/305