Let’s get started!

If this is your first exposure to WordPress™ you should understand that the WordPress software, while open source and available for anyone to use for free, can also be used by commercial companies to make money as long as they follow the licensing rules (and good companies also give back to the open source community that helps them make money). There is common confusion around the wordpress.com website and the services they offer. If you care, this difference is explained in more detailed, but unless specified otherwise, all references to WordPress in general refers to WordPress.org.

Getting started with a WordPress website is a bit more complicated than using  a social media account (such as Facebook or Twitter) but something easily do-it-yourself. Even if you hire a professional to develop your site, this material will help you communicate better with your developer.

At the highest level the steps are (1) getting a website name [your name on the Internet known as a domain name],  (2) getting a hosting provider [your place on the Internet], (3) setting up WordPress, and (4) creating your content. You can either do these steps yourself or hire a professional to help.

Step 1 – Getting Your Website Name

Step 2 – Getting a Hosting Plan

Step 3 – Setting up WordPress

Step 4 – Creating Your Content