DIY or Professional?

Perhaps the first consideration when starting a website is the DIY or hired professional question.

Are you technically inclined to learn WordPress and the other technologies you need? And do you have the time available to learn and to then create your website? And will your site’s content change frequently?

If the answers are all NO, you are much better off hiring a professional WordPress developer to create and maintain your site. While WordPress is straightforward to learn, that doesn’t matter if you don’t have the skills, patience or time to create and maintain a site. A website isn’t a one-shot activity but requires a minimal level of ongoing maintenance to keep its software up-to-date with security releases and bug fixes. And if you have mainly static content, the costs of ongoing professional support will be modest. Examples of static content include a “brochure” website for a business with facts, pictures, testimonials, directions and business hours or a restaurant website with a fixed menu of items and daily specials. Changing business hours, for example, will likely entail various one-time expenses including changes to the website.

The more your answers are YES, the more you should consider a DIY approach, in part or whole. You can divide the DIY activity into that needed to create the website and that needed to update content. It is very reasonable to have a professional create your site and then teach you (or staff) how to manage and update content. A professional can also maintain your website so you only need to concentrate on managing your content.