Category: Smart Home

  • Smart Home System Types

    As with anything that isn’t totally self-contained, what else it works with is very important in making a purchase decision. Otherwise, you are locked into a single vendor and are at their mercy as to what other products they sell. There are three main, modern types of wireless networks found in smart home applications. These […]

  • My Smart Home Design

    Here is my smart home design. I doubt my exact design will satisfy all your needs, but may be a start for your customization or at least give you some ideas. Whenever doing any type of design–software, hardware, organization, etc.– you need to clearly define, ideally quantitatively, what you need to accomplish. Otherwise, how do […]

  • Battery Backup

    Unless you have an automatic backup generator or a whole-house battery for your solar installation, you are dependent on the power company for power to run your various smart-home devices that plug into the wall (in the US that is 120 VAC). While many sensors (such as door open) run off of internal batteries, many […]