Category: General WordPress

  • Running a WordPress Site

    Now that you have gotten your domain name, created your site, and it is up and running (perhaps with the help of a professional developer), you can just sit back and relax; NO! Having a WordPress site is similar to owning a car; it needs periodic maintenance to keep it running and prevent unexpected problems, […]

  • Definitions

    Here is a list of commonly used words related to WordPress and your website, and what they mean. SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer which is used software used by a browser to communicate with a web site. SSL describes a variety of encryption standards used for securing this communication to prevent various […]

  • (Cyber)security Plugins

    A key feature that is woefully missing from WordPress is excellent cybersecurity support; luckily this is an area with several excellent plugins.

  • Selecting a Plugin

    A WordPress plugin is software that adds functionality not found in the core WordPress software to your website. There are many tens of thousands of plugins available ranging from paid ones to the free ones found on, and ranging from millions of installations to just a few. Most importantly you want a plugin that […]

  • DIY or Professional?

    Perhaps the first consideration when starting a website is the DIY or hired professional question. Are you technically inclined to learn WordPress and the other technologies you need? And do you have the time available to learn and to then create your website? And will your site’s content change frequently? If the answers are all […]