JMAM•Software provides web site development using WordPress and WordPress plugins, specializing in the needs of nonprofits and public-good organizations. While every site is different, all sites need reliable backups, good security, and search engine-optimization. Nonprofits will also have needs much different from either a personal blog or a small-to-medium for-profit business. For example, nonprofits often have only simple e-commerce needs but significant donation and donor management requirements.

We utilize various WordPress plugins and services in our work and so can make recommendations based on our experiences. To the maximum extent possible, recommended plugins and services are free (for the transaction volumes typical of a nonprofit) and, unless you buy through a link on this site, JMAM•Software receives no affiliate marketing fees or other compensation from making these recommendations. Not that other plugins or services wouldn’t work; just that in our experience the recommended ones do. In fact, there are often many good plugins for any specific task and you should do your own due-diligence and not just blindly taking our recommendations.

JMAM•Software was founded by Jim Mathis, an experienced end-to-end full-stack cloud, Internet of Things, and mobile/web app solution developer/architect. This site reduces the “I don’t know what I don’t know” so that the DIYers or staff learn exactly what they should be doing, and how to do it; reducing the dependance of paid WordPress professionals. If you vision involves extensive UI changes, using a WordPress professional to create your site could be a good investment if those UI changes help drive results rather than just being different to be different.

This site covers the many ancillary tasks associated with building and running a WordPress website. As demonstrated by the many bloggers that personally use WordPress, maintaining a WordPress website is certainly within the capability of anyone with basic computer skills and Internet literacy. The best advice to stay out of trouble is stay “mainstream.” Mainstream configurations get thoroughly tested and are more likely to be mentioned in support blogs. Super customization of your website may seem cool; just make sure you have the resources, knowledge or abilities to fix any problems that might arise. While there are many, many websites using WordPress maintained by non-IT people, there is also quite a few “please help!” postings to various online support sites. Don’t fall into that camp. While WordPress has a great support system of volunteers that freely offer help, this support may not be immediate.